Tuesday, June 21, 2016

~~Get that shot!~~

Sometimes nothing can stop a photographer from trying to get "that shot."

I've run across the house at full speed to grab one of the at least three Canons I have lying around. I've spilled my wine tripping over the dog. I've fallen out a window and down a lagoon to get "that shot."

Well, last night I was setting up my tripod in hopes of capturing the rare and illusive "Strawberry Moon." As I walked through the house, I glanced out the window to see what was surely one of the most spectacular events I may ever have the privilege to capture. RUN!! I grabbed the closest SLR and ran out the back and down the steps and into the wash...not looking where my feet were going. I was keeping my eye on the prize! RUN!!

After a punishing day of 117 degree temperatures, Arizona rewarded us with an almost unbelievable sunset show!

Enjoy and feel free to share this rarest of all sunsets!

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