Sunday, July 17, 2016

~~Are you kidding me?~~

It's been a ridiculously tough start to the annual summer trip!

The list?
          -  One of the motorhome slides broke...again.
          -  The driver's side sun shade is stuck...down.
          -  The gauges (speed, fuel, engine, etc.) are completely out. I'm driving by the app WAZE.        
              (Check it out.)
          -  The steps broke...climbing in and out with BIG steps and having to lift the fatso puggle up
              and down....ugh.

Not to mention that St. Louis in the summer

Finally, maybe some interesting things to share.

Here are only the first 3 photos I took on this gosh-forsaken tour.

Clifton Mill ( in Ohio is one of the largest water powered grist mills still in existence. It is popular for lunch and dinner. When I walked in, reservations for 51 were being recorded!

I had a great lunch at Winds Cafe ( in Yellow Springs, a cool little hippy village.

The Leo Salad...and wine, of course...

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  1. Yellow Springs is cool! Some good bands play there, too. You should have called me! I would have driven down there to see you. :)