Tuesday, June 13, 2017

~~ Cay ~~

I ran into my neighbor Cay this morning while we were walking the dogs. She asked questions about my adventure.

"Are you going to be out in the woods?"  Well, actually Alaska tundra.

"Is it going to be cold?"  Cool, and maybe some rain.

"Will you go out in the rain, and how can you take photographs in the rain?"  Yes. Rain or shine, and I have a raincoat for my gear.

"Are you sleeping outside?"  In a tent, and hopefully with a dog.

"Will there be bears?"  Yes. And other wildlife, too.

"Will you have to pee outside?"  Of course.

"Will you have to poop outside?  Of course.

"Have you ever done that?"  Hell no!

"Well you had better start practicing!"

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