Sunday, June 11, 2017

Getting Ready for an Adventure...IS an Adventure!

As I a get ready for my Nome, Alaska, Gold Expedition adventure, I realized that getting ready for an adventure IS an adventure in and of itself.

I had to buy a new wardrobe of camo cargo pants, tops and camo boots. 

I had to learn what a "water straw" is and how to use it.  And "Frog Togs" were never in my vocabulary prior to this.

Even the mental preparation is an adventure, as I will be doing things I've never done with people I've never met.  And the things I will be doing will not be easy things.  We will be hiking miles upon miles everyday in unknown Alaska tundra. I will be hauling camera equipment through this, using my monopod as a walking stick.

I will be eating outside, fighting bugs, and holstering bear spray.  For two weeks, I will be living in heightened state of constant awareness.

I am sure it will be absolutely a good way.

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