Thursday, April 7, 2016


In those "early" years, I didn't make many friends. I isolated. Everyone is a judge. And truly, none of us has a duty or right to judge others. It is too easy to judge.  The Norwegian proverb stays locked in my mind:

"Sweep before your own door first
before you sweep the doorsteps of your neighbors." 

I, like everyone, don't want to be judged. So I isolated...and when I did creep out once in a was all good all the time. No one knew about my personal hell.

I tend to isolate when things aren't going so well. I am, by nature, an introvert. Most people laugh when I say that because I am very outgoing. To me, strangers are just friends I have not met yet.

Introverts get their energy from being alone and being quiet.  Extroverts, on the other hand, get their energy from being with others.  I get most of my peace and energy by being alone.  I love my alone time...probably way too much.  Thank God for internet friends!  (Giggling, but it is true.)

Getting out is critical to good mental health, so I decided to go to a class at a local camera shop. And to my surprise and delight, the photographers in the class were friendly, nice and helpful!  They were not like my instructor...not a all.  They shared, were helpful. And when they saw my work seemed genuinely excited by my "eye."  In fact, they invited me on "photo walks."  I didn't know what a photo walk was, but now I crave them and invite others regularly.

This one experience changed me dramatically...just like the "lesson" changed me. But this was one of the most positive experiences of my life.  I really saw the light...and I was transformed, encouraged and thrilled about my new life of photography.

I had lived in the business world for all of my adult life...too sad.  I never considered myself to be creative or gifted in anything...but writing, speaking and communicating.  This new, physical form of expression started feeding my soul like nothing ever in my life.

Photographers can be snooty and rude, but I searched...and many lovely friends in photography that helped me...and now...after a few years, I get to help others.  I would never laugh at someone learning...ever.

I have even had the pleasure of coaching new photographers....and experienced ones, too!  How fun is that.

Photography feeds my soul.  Friends feed my soul.  And then there are photographer friends......

Mike Brown

Joe Newman
Bastrop, TX

Cindy Hamilton Wentzloff
Grand Rapids, MI

Matthew Tracy
Portland, Oregon

Sean Smith
Dallas, TX

John Mariani

Marilyn Kidwell
Cedar City, UT

Mike and Marie Adkins
Dallas, TX
Rick DiGiammarino
Boston, MA

Tim Wohlever
Scottsdale, AZ


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    1. Copied the entry, it did not post my name and I wanted you to know it was from me.

  2. Beautiful introduction MiMi, like you said, I had no idea. I can truly relate as I do cherish my alone time as well. I really get in the creative space when I can do that as well.