Wednesday, April 27, 2016

~~Martha Mary~~

I was born "Martha Mary Parisotto" in Springfield, Illinois. I was severely deformed in that my legs were tangled up like a pretzel and curled up by my ears. I was fitted with baby casts that were later replaced by braces.

At 11 months old, I was dumped like a stray animal in a city park, left only to be found by police. I was placed in the local hospital until the first of many foster/group homes could be located for me. 

We often identify ourselves based on our childhood, our relationships with our parents and siblings and our environment. When you are thrown out as a baby, abused as a kid and begged a judge to go back into foster care, it's nearly impossible to have strong self-esteem.

I spent my entire life hiding who I was and from whence I came. Photography has become a powerful vehicle that keeps me out of the shadows and in the light.

Beach Sunset, Kenai, Alaska


  1. My priceless forever friend, I have felt your pain. I know the anguish of being abused and forsaken, when the worst case scenario is your best option. Knowing you, is knowing strength. You are my hero and always will be. You know what rising above is all about, as do I and I hold the highest respect for you. Always will.

  2. My friend. I love your photography.