Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Peeking Out

When I was first going through the mess I got myself into, I needed to find a way to regain my mental (and probably physical) health.  I was deep into the darkness of the situation that was completely out of my control.

I starting peeking out into the world.  "Out there" was a much better place than "in here." As a friend once told me, "Never stay long in your own head. It is too scary in there."

I got my first "real" camera in 2010, but really didn't use it much. Photography seemed much too complicated, and I didn't have much energy or capacity at that time to delve into something so complex.  I played with the camera a bit.... These are the very first pictures I took with my Canon Rebel T2i--cringe worthy, for certain...ugh.

I wanted to get better, so I bought a "Groupon" for a lesson with a local photographer.  I was nervous and intimidated, but I made it to the appointment. The professional photographer examined my camera and and told me it was "okay for a starter camera."  I thought, "Hmmmm....that is a shot...and not very nice."

During the lesson, she talked about F-Stops and ISO and Depth of Field.  She quizzed me on the mathematics of the formulas.  And when I got the aperture issue incorrect, she laughed and seemed to take pleasure in making me wrong.  (By the way, not all of photography is "intuitive.")

The final straw that made me put my camera away for nearly a year was when she asked me if I shoot in RAW.  I simply stared blankly and asked, "What is RAW?"  Again, she laughed and said "Never mind."

Are all photographers so snooty and rude?  If so, I didn't want to be one.

(This shot is just for my instructor....nature's answer to mean people.)  

Even though I had a tough experience, I still itched to shoot.  I knew that if I stayed "in here" too long the darkness would continue to take over and I'd never get to see the light again.

Interesting that one of the most important aspects of photography is...the light.

Peeking out into the light motivated me to keep picking up my "starter camera."


  1. You have grown to be a wonderful artist. I've watched you over the past couple of years develop your eye and you've evolved wonderfully. I'm very proud of you and I'm happy to call you my friend.

    1. Thank you, Jenn, for our connection and your willingness to share with me, also.

  2. You have progressed well beyond those early attempts! You have some lovely work to show the world.
    Too bad you weren't here as I'm sure Mike could have helped and he would have been a lot more helpful and a lot nicer.
    Keep those pretties coming!

  3. MiMi you Are not just an incredible photographer but an amazing woman of passion and character but above all you love with all you Are.. That dark place is one of the hardest places to crawl out of and I too agree that photography enabled me to rise out of it as well.. Your smile and beautiful soul is a testimony that you not only pulled yourself up and out of the darkness but you did so with strength and courage. I am truly honored to know you and that you call me friend..

  4. Sometimes folks like this motivate us just as much as someone who encourages us. Glad you stuck with it. I truly enjoy seeing your work.

    1. Thank you, Dear Friend. I'm sad that I "quit" after that experience, but happy that I didn't stay at quit.

  5. Sometimes folks like this motivate us just as much as someone who encourages us. Glad you stuck with it. I truly enjoy seeing your work.

  6. I learn more from my faults and failures. I tend not to pay much attention to the things which come easy to me.