Saturday, February 18, 2017

~~Let Life Surprise You~~

Drove that little "roller skate" car to Eagle River this morning.... Even before I got on to Glen Highway, I saw so many vehicles upside down in the 5 foot deep snow.  It was horrifying to see the highway littered with upended cars.  I think of the terror that the drivers and passengers endured.

Drove 20 miles north of Anchorage to Eagle River Nature Center.  I made it there, but the snow was too deep for me to walk the three-mile loop.  At least the drive was nice.

I wanted to find Skyline Drive, as it is supposed to be a cool Aurora watching spot.  My roller skate got stuck in the deep snow...I had to back down the phucking mountain.

Holy Stuff...the sun then came out.  I thought I'd never see it again until I returned to the Valley of the Sun!!!  I wanted to see what Anchorage from the Cook Inlet looked like.... So, I went.

This spot is so appealing because each time you go, the light and time and elements are different.  New shot every time!

And then, as everyone knows, I am a foodie.  It was after 1p and I was hungry.  The hotel has breakfast, but it is a breakfast of "egg like food."  I grabbed an apple and left.

Glacier Brewhouse looked interesting and got great ratings from Trip Advisor.  I walked the 1/2 mile there, and the frigid walk was worth it!!  The wine kept me warm on the walk back.

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