Friday, February 24, 2017

~~Snow Day Ruminations~~

The weatherman on television keeps reminding me the Anchorage has not had this much snow in the last five years combined.  How can that make me feel better?  It doesn't, so he can quit now.

I am amazed that people are amazed that I took a trip to Alaska, all alone, for two February. Now that I write that, I get it.  It does sound "outrageous."

But really, what is so outrageous about chasing a dream?  To me, it is more outrageous NOT to.

Yes, I planned. I researched. I wrote copious note about how to photograph the Northern Lights (Automatic focus, ISO 800, 30 second shutter.... tripod, trigger, etc.)  I'd be lying if I said that I am not disappointed that the Anchorage atmosphere didn't give me even one lousy clear night. I am.

There are life lessons in every experience.  I love that.  One of the greatest life lessons is that you can plan for events, but you need to let life surprise you.  If you plan too much, life can be disappointing. I choose to be surprised!

I didn't plan for this....but I was happily surprised....


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