Monday, February 27, 2017

~~Road to Whittier, AK~~

Whitter, AK, is another quirky little town about 60 miles southeast of Anchorage.  I traveled along the Turnagain Arm on Seward Highway and had to pull off for a few beautiful shots.

You can only get to Whittier by water or by traveling through the mountain through Whittier Tunnel, the longest tunnel in North America. It is one lane...and shares space with a train.

This is the tunnel opening to two and a half miles of claustrophobic terror!

An over generous about of snow and ice kept me from getting close to the harbor.

As quirky has it, most of the 200+ residents live in this 
Army barracks condo conversion, Begich Towers.

And then there is the abandoned military building, the Buckner Building.

The sites upon leaving Whittier were as lovely as Alaska gets!


  1. Oh My Gosh, MiMi!!! These shots are spectacular! Especially for those of us who are only brave enough to visit Alaska in the summertime. Are you going to print a book on Alaska?

  2. Thank you so much, Brenda! Yes...that is my plan! I visited Alaska couple of summers ago, and this, too, was an AMAZING adventure!