Sunday, February 19, 2017

~~Trek to Talkeetna~~

When I left Anchorage at 4:30am, it was really cold outside, around 20 degrees.  Of course, it was pitch black, but it was not snowing, only cloudy.  Just before I got to Wasilla, I saw my first aurora. It was cloudy, so there was a lot of noise in the view. But it was, pink and then white.

Then, the snow came...more like a blizzard really.  Seeing the road was dangerously difficult, as the only guide I had was the snow plow drifts from the day before.  A scary, cold 4 hours later, I arrived in Talkeetna.

Talkeetna, a quirky village in Matanuska Borough, is wildly popular in the summer months. It houses a fabulous lodge that is only open a few weeks in March for Aurora viewings.  It opens again from mid-May to Mid-September.

Interestingly, on a clear day, one the best places to view Denali is from Talkeetna.

Denali, on a clear day.
Only 20% of visitors get to see it because it creates it's own atmosphere of clouds.

Talkeetna in the winter is still buzzing with a few visitors and locals.  Speaking of locals, fewer then 900 people call Talkeetna "home."

Train house...

Mostly Moose Gift Shop

Breakfast, Lunch, Showers and Rooms to Rent

The Salted Pickle

Silverbear Sundries

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